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Swap Society is on a mission to make sustainable fashion, accessible to all. Swap Society is an online clothing swap that makes it easy and affordable to mix up your wardrobe sustainably. Send them your clothes that don’t fit or aren’t your current style and swap them for clothes you want to wear now. Their alt currency SwapCoin™ gives multidimensional value to garments and makes sure you get equal value for the clothes you swap, so our swap is super fair. Plus, you’ll save lots of money on clothes while lowering your clothing footprint. We accept all brands and sizes because we believe that all wearable clothing should be kept in circulation for as long as possible. Swap Society harnesses technology to promote circularity in the fashion industry. Our circular business model is a sustainable alternative to the take-make-dispose linear consumption model and helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and waste. We envision a fashion future that emphasizes extending the life of garments through proper care and reuse. “I love fashion, but I don’t think the clothes we wear should harm the environment or our fellow humans. When I learned the truths about the fashion industry, I started looking for alternatives and started swapping with women in my local community. It was easier than trying to resell my clothes, and I was hooked. I launched Swap Society in 2017 to take swapping to the next level and make it available online to women across the USA. Clothes swapping is fun, saves money, and is more sustainable than shopping. When you swap, you don’t have to sacrifice style at all to have a more sustainable wardrobe!” says Nicole Robertson, the Founder and CEO of Swap Society. Prior to founding Swap Society, Nicole’s passion for the environment led her to work as VP of Marketing for bioplastics manufacturer Cereplast. A cosmetics industry veteran, she previously held senior-level positions for beauty companies including Beautyfix by Dermstore.com, Fred Segal Beauty and Procter & Gamble’s Reflect. She is also an accomplished musician and retired dancer who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their two sons. The average American sends 70 pounds of clothes to landfills every year. That’s 21 billion pounds of post-consumer textile waste per year! Total greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production, at 1.2 billion tonnes annually, are more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Less than 20% of what gets donated to charities gets resold. The majority of people who make clothes for the global market live in poverty, and are subject to exploitation, working in unsafe and dirty conditions with very little pay. 36 million people are living in modern slavery today, many of who are working in the supply chains of Western brands, and 80% of garment workers are women. Let go of the clothes that don’t fit or aren’t your current style and swap them for clothes you want to wear now. Swap Society makes it easy and affordable to mix up your wardrobe sustainably.
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